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My Honest Review of Total Hormone Balance by Yu Beauty

I'm discovering the benefits of Wasabi Leaf Extract and Red Clover using Yu Beauty's Total Hormone Balance. This product helps with bloat, cramps, hormonal acne, mood, dull skin, estrogen balance, night sweats and hot flashes.

Total Hormone Balance by Yu Beauty

WHO IT’S FOR: It’s a once daily supplement for women at any stage in life supporting healthy hormone balance. (Includes peri and post menopausal women, see studies mentioned below)

WHAT IT TASTES LIKE: The flavor is delicious Aronia Berry. It is made with natural ingredients. It comes in individual sachets and is a yummy liquid shot.

  • Hormonal Acne

  • Bloating

  • Mood

  • Dull Skin

  • Estrogen Balance

  • Cramps

  • Night Sweats

  • Hot Flashes

  • No Added Sugars

  • No Artificial Colors

  • No Artificial Flavors

  • No Preservatives

  • No GMOs

  • No Pills

Total Hormone Balance By Yu Beauty



Wasabi Leaf has recently been recognized by the FDA as a NEW ingredient and we are one of the first companies to have it. Wasabi Leaf helps with menstrual or menopausal acne and so much more!


One of the reasons why we experience mood swings is because, if it is this time of month, our estrogen levels drop drastically. Our secret weapon to combat the drop in estrogen levels during your period? Nature’s remedy, Red Clover.

Red Clover has a balancing effect on hormone levels at every stage of life. It’s balancing ability is partly due to its high isoflavone content, which helps ease hormonal imbalances.

Red Clover is a phytoestrogen, which means it has a concentration of natural estrogens, the equivalent of the plant world of the human hormone. Being a phytoestrogen, Red Clover can be a great ally for individuals experiencing the symptoms of menstruation.

It is also used to help relieve the symptoms of menopause, including night sweats and hot flashes. Red Clover is also used to help improve Cholesterol levels and bone density in menopausal women. (*See linked studies)

Total Hormone Balance By Yu Beauty


Please note: I'm not a doctor, but I have 20 years of experience with hormones. I had a complete hysterectomy at the age of 22, so I am extremely familiar with natural therapies and Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT).


In my research and personal experience, Red Clover has been proven in several clinical trials to help with peri and postmenopausal symptoms. The main symptoms are night sweats and hot flashes. It is also used to help improve Cholesterol levels and bone density in menopausal women.


Red Clover may interfere with other hormone replacement therapies and should be monitored by frequent blood tests. I always recommend consulting with your doctor and do routine blood tests.

Total Hormone Balance by Yu Beauty

  • All women can benefit

  • The taste

  • The small convenient packets

  • All natural, no chemicals

  • You don’t have to suffer with symptoms

  • No side effects

  • No pills


  • 30-day money back guarantee

  • Ships to United States, Canada and United Kingdom

Take product once daily to achieve optimal results.

Total Hormone Balance By Yu Beauty


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Skip the harsh chemicals and embrace the goodness of nature - this product lets you try with confidence, knowing it's gentle on you. Take the guesswork out of your hormonal care with this risk-free option - love it or simply return it, the choice is yours.





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