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My honest Review of Collagens by Yu Beauty (beautifulYu)

I've been using both flavored and unflavored Collagens by beautifulYu for several months. I was specifically looking for a collagen for my skin and joints. I first started with the flavored collagen that has an added 19 organic fruits. The Orange cream flavor is amazing and can be mixed with their popular Trimfit.

The owners results below sold me because of my own red face and skin. I started to notice changes to my face near the end of the first month.

beautifulYu Collagen Results are shown here

People may consider taking a collagen supplement for various reasons due to the potential benefits associated with collagen intake:

  1. Improved Skin Health: Collagen is a major component of the skin. Supplementing with collagen may promote skin elasticity, hydration, and a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, potentially leading to a more youthful appearance.

  2. Joint Pain Relief: Collagen is a key component of connective tissues in joints. Some people take collagen supplements to alleviate joint pain and improve joint mobility, especially as they age or engage in strenuous physical activities.

  3. Hair and Nail Strength: Collagen plays a role in maintaining healthy hair and nails. Taking collagen supplements may lead to stronger, more resilient hair and nails, reducing brittleness and breakage.

  4. Gut Health: Collagen can help strengthen the lining of the gastrointestinal tract. This may benefit individuals with digestive issues or leaky gut syndrome by potentially reducing inflammation and promoting gut healing.

  5. Bone Health: Collagen is a structural component of bones. Some studies suggest that collagen supplementation may improve bone density and reduce the risk of conditions like osteoporosis.

  6. Muscle Recovery: Athletes and fitness enthusiasts often take collagen supplements to support muscle recovery, reduce muscle soreness, and promote muscle growth.

  7. Wound Healing: Collagen is involved in the body's natural wound-healing processes. Supplementing with collagen may aid in faster healing and the reduction of scar tissue.

  8. Tendon and Ligament Support: Collagen is present in tendons and ligaments. Athletes and those with physically demanding lifestyles may take collagen to help protect and strengthen these tissues.

  9. Hydration: Collagen can help the skin retain moisture, leading to improved skin hydration and a healthy, radiant complexion.

beautifulYu Flavored Collagen

Then came the unflavored collagen with the added Melon Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, and NO added sweeteners. You can mix this unflavored collagen with anything including your coffee. I love the individual packets so that I can travel and it doesn't get messy. I have it my coffee and it also mixes well with my Trimfit.

beautifulYu Unflavored Collagen

I rotate these two collagens often. I feel it comes to personal preferences as to which one to pick. Are you looking for flavored or unflavored? Are you looking for packets or a container? Both are viable affordable collagens to add to your routine. The below photo is someone from our group with wonderful results with her hair and skin.

beautifulYu Collagen Face and Hair Results

I can't just choose one of these collagens over the over as I feel they both are fabulous quality. I can use both for whatever my day holds, whether I'm home or in a rush out the door with packets. The majority of my results are internal from my joints, skin, gut and hydration. But I can see and feel results that are worth every penny.

Give it a shot and get your 30-day money back guarantee and make sure you grab the Trimfit bundle to save money. You can save 15% with code CJB. You will thank me later ❤️





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