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Go From Lab Rat to Glowing Goddess with Herbal Face Food Cream

The Skincare Mystery I Solved: Science Unraveling My Fountain of Youth right before my eyes. I've been using Herbal Face Food for 10 months and this is my Herbal Face Food review of the Cream.

Herbal Face Food Cream Review

Have you ever had a moment where you look in the mirror and see a noticeable difference in your skin? Not just a "good day" glow, but a shift, a transformation that defies explanation? That's exactly what happened to me after using Herbal Face Food Cream. Now, before you roll your eyes at another miracle cream claim, let me tell you, this is different. This is a story fueled not by marketing hype, but by science, personal experience, and yes, a touch of surprise. Also get 30% off with my code: CJB

Plants + Plants + Plants

  • The Cream is made of plants developed with 102 botanicals

  • These powerful plants repair and strengthen skin barrier

  • The cream works to deliver constant sustained hydration

  • It's shown to deploy potent anti-aging self healing plant science technology

  • It shows self healing plant science technology

  • The world’s first and only edible SPF. 

  • Protection rating of 50+ accomplished by plant power

  • Made of 100% plants

  • The most potent moisturizer ever tested on a SHMI (Skin Hydration Measurement Instrument)

  • No filler or added Ingredients

  • Great for all Skin Types

  • These antioxidants equal anti-aging

  • Great for sensitive skin

Herbal Face Food Cream Reivew

12-Week Trail Results:


  • 100% agree skin feels instantly moisturized, hydrated, nourished and replenished

  • 100% agree visible signs of inflammation and irritation are immediately soothed

  • 100% agree skin looks and feels healthier

  • 99% agree skin looks and feels softer and smoother

  • 99% agree skin looks radiant and glow


  • 188.47% Improved skin hydration

  • 31.48% Transepidermal water loss reduction


  • 340.73% More even skin tone

  • 331.66% More radiant skin

  • 69.67% Visibly reduced Hyperpigmentation


  • 87.50% Visibly reduced fine lines

  • 69.22% Visibly reduced wrinkles


  • 47.33%  Improved skin elasticity

  • 55.86% Improved skin firmness

Herbal Face Food Cream Reviews Ingredients

*Start here if you're ready and get my 30% off promotional code: CJB

  • Anti-Aging

  • Blemishes

  • Damaged Skin Barrier

  • Dark spots

  • Dryness

  • Dull Lines

  • Fine lines

  • Inflammation

  • Irritation

  • Rough Skin

  • Scarring

  • Stretch Marks

  • Sunburn

  • Sunblock (SPF 50+)

  • Uneven Tone

  • Wrinkles

  • 100% Plants, no chemicals

  • Anti-Aging

  • Anti-Bacterial

  • Anti-Fungal

  • Anti-Inflammatory

  • Anti-Microbial

  • Anti-Viral

Herbal Face Food Cream Vegan Ingredients

  • Cleanse with 'The Cure Soap X.' Then pat dry & apply the 'Serum' to dry skin and allow it to fully absorb. Then apply 'The Cure' to specific areas of concern as a spot treatment. Lastly, massage a raisin -or- raspberry size amount of 'The Cream' in hands, then glide into the face and neck. Can be used AM & PM. 'The Cream' should last you 3-6 months depending on usage!

*Start here if you're ready and get my 30% off promotional code: CJB

Make sure you refrigerate the cream and eye cream. We want the products to thrive in their environment and remain in a consistent temperature. Herbal Face Food products are plants and only plants. (except honey in the cream)

Herbal Face Food Cream Reviews

  • Free Standard Shipping

  • Free Economy International shipping (12-20 business days) on orders over $199.

  • 60-Day money back guarantee

Get yours HERE for 30% off! Use code CJB. 

You can also start with 'The Starter Bundle' if you prefer to try the most popular products all at once.

For 20 years, I've struggled with Rosacea, Pain, Redness and Sun Damage. I've tried countless products, followed endless routines, all with varying degrees of success. But it wasn’t until I tried Herbal Face Food did I not only get results, but lasting results. This isn't just a review, it's a journey for me to healing. It’s about rediscovering confidence and feeling comfortable in my own skin. I can now leave the house with ZERO makeup and since using Herbal Face Food, I use 85% less makeup overall! 

I've also had testimonies from users with results on burns, bites, cuts, shingles, lips, hands, chest, neck and various others!

Start Now! Let's go green & get glowing discovering the sustainable path to radiant skin! After you purchase head on over to my group for additional support on applying and using products.

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