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Are Hidden Crown Hair Products Worth-it After Weight loss Surgery? It's Shocking how simple it is!!

Updated: 9 hours ago

Are Hidden Crown Products really worth it? Looking for the best way to get your new hair style without getting frustrated?

Hidden Crown hair is gorgeous, and I always get many compliments when I wear it. I am going to walk you through 11-simple Steps on getting your FAVORITE new accessory fast!

Who says hair has to be boring? Why should you have to keep the same hair your whole life?

I am wearing the topper and Halo in this photo

I have dabbled with hair products over the last three years such as tape extensions, toppers, and wigs.

The extensions were terrific, but very high maintenance and expensive to maintain. The hair topper was of excellent quality by Sharon @ Highline Wigs, but the clips bother my migraines. I am still working with The Hair Mama on a Wig. I wanted to try something different and keep looking.

Meanwhile, I have worn and tried a few Hidden Crown products. Being a Blonde and trying to match up hair color can be quite the challenge. Hidden crown offers a hair ring for purchase, but when you purchase your first piece, it also comes with two sample swatches near your shade.