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Are Hidden Crown Hair Products Worth-it After Weight loss Surgery? It's Shocking how simple it is!!

Are Hidden Crown Products really worth it? Looking for the best way to get your new hair style without getting frustrated?

Hidden Crown hair is gorgeous, and I always get many compliments when I wear it. I am going to walk you through 11-simple Steps on getting your FAVORITE new accessory fast!

Who says hair has to be boring? Why should you have to keep the same hair your whole life?

I am wearing the topper and Halo in this photo

I have dabbled with hair products over the last three years such as tape extensions, toppers, and wigs.

The extensions were terrific, but very high maintenance and expensive to maintain. The hair topper was of excellent quality by Sharon @ Highline Wigs, but the clips bother my migraines. I am still working with The Hair Mama on a Wig. I wanted to try something different and keep looking.

Meanwhile, I have worn and tried a few Hidden Crown products. Being a Blonde and trying to match up hair color can be quite the challenge. Hidden crown offers a hair ring for purchase, but when you purchase your first piece, it also comes with two sample swatches near your shade.

I would first start with the hair matching tool and send in your picture to use the expert color match tool. But please know that you may have to exchange a few times. Have patience, especially if you are blonde. Below is a video regarding color matching, they have a video for all color shades.


Subscribe to Hidden Crown's Youtube channel. Go through playlists and look at the four different options for density and length. They have amazing videos and how to's for each piece. I was very impressed with the number of videos and content given. Stalk the youtube channel for a few hours!

Look through several before and afters to get an idea of where you are and what styles you like. Paying close attention to the transformations you like for yourself to get some ideas.


If you have LONG hair and went through the videos, you already know you will probably only need one piece to start with. It all depends on what 'LOOK' you are going for such as length, volume, color mixing and so much more!

✤✤ However, if you have SHORT hair like me, you will probably need two pieces -or- one piece and a topper. I followed this video and chose a few from here.


When your hair comes, make sure to follow the instructions on the package. (It's easier than it sounds) You have 7 days only to return for a refund. I had to return 2 times to get the right color blonde, and it was a super-fast turnaround.


If you keep your hairpiece, read the package insert directions, and follow the video here to learn about getting your wire set up for the first time. It's easier than it looks, trust me.


To style your hair with curls, follow this video. There are several more styling videos on the Hidden Crown youtube channel. I have used lots of curling irons in my days and my favorite at the moment is the CHI CHI Luxury Rose Gold Series 1.5" Curling Iron.


I was told you don't need to wash the hair when you first receive it, only the topper. However, I washed them anyway because that's just me. You only have to wash the hair every 2 - 4 months depending on how often you wear. They recommend the topper be washed when you receive it so you can create your front part.

The recommended Shampoo & Conditioner are Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger. Don't panic, they come in 3 different sizes and are returnable. (click links below)


I use this hanging rack in the below photo to hang my pieces.

✤✤ You can also get a wall coat and hat hook similar to the demonstration videos to place on your wall to hang as you style your hair.

Just make sure it gives you enough space between you and the wall to move and style. I currently use this mannequin head to style my topper.

✤✤✤ Hidden Crown provides a hanger and hanging bag for travel.


Hidden Crown recommends to keep brushing hair with a brush every few hours. Brushing hair from the ends working your way up to the top.

I have this Wet Brush Detangler for brushing and Wide-Tooth Comb that I use to run through the curls after they have cooled off as the styling video recommends.


Let's stop making wearing hair taboo because it's already an accessory everywhere. Let me know what you chose -or- if you need help by commenting below. I would love to hear from you ❤️

Your Self-esteem, boyfriend, girlfriend, and/ or husband will thank us both later 💋💋

Wearing the topper & daydream

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