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5 Benefits of an Abdominal Binder after Bariatric Surgery

Surgery binders, belly binders, or abdominal binders are used after surgery on the lower part of the abdomen. There are many reasons why a surgery binder can be helpful and make you feel more secure.

Are you looking for a Bariatric Abdominal binder after Weight Loss Surgery? There are many benefits to wearing support including circulation. After surgery you want support and a good comfortable fitting binder for your stomach. Click here for suggestions to help you make a decision and learn why you should get one. #bariatric #Abdominalbinder #stomachsupport #wls
5 Benefit of Abdominal Binders after Bariatric Surgery

Why are Abdominal Binders Important?

The binder provides support and compression to the upper and lower abdomen weakened by strain or the postoperative phase of surgery. It's a compression belt that encircles your abdomen without restricting breathing or muscle redevelopment.

5 Reasons why you need a Abdominal Binder…

  1. Surgeries performed on the lower abdomen can cause the abdomen to sag or stretch. ever!?!?!? Compression surgery binders keep your abdomen tight. Binders help patients to avoid movement that may move stitches which can cause pain and discomfort.

  2. Most surgery binders are designed to be worn next to the skin, under clothing, and are ‘not’ visible or noticeable at all. I wore mine over my clothes mostly because I wanted my clothing against my skin first.

  3. Initially I repurposed my husbands back brace from Copper Fit because I didn’t have time to buy one and it worked great. We own several products from Copper Fit and they all are amazing!

  4. They will keep your tummy and waistline tight during recovery, putting a bit of pressure where you need it but staying flexible so you are not uncomfortable.

5. They are also thought to aid in proper circulation so you may heal more quickly and keep your torso more stable by reducing the risk of injury or slowed healing. The Braceability Binder is supportive, long-lasting, good for excess skin, and flexible!

Abdominal binders can provide less post-operative pain, reduced swelling, decreased psychological distress following a procedure.

So why not provide yourself with a non-invasive intervention for enhancing recovery, controlling pain and distress, and improving your overall surgery experience?

This NYOthro Brace is a strong Binder that doesn't roll!

TAKEAWAY: My only regret is that I didn’t get it sooner! Now let's go get our new favorite garment and thank god it's not a bra!

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Sep 07, 2020

I would love to have one of these if they are not to expensive where could i get one thank you




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