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10 Tips 'How To Conquer, Survive and Plan' Thanksgiving after Bariatric Surgery {Guide}

The Holiday season is hard especially if you are trying to lose weight. From overflowing turkey buffets to pies and cookies to drinks and sodas, we can't win! Add the rush of holiday shopping or late nights working and before you know it we sacrifice our goals. Sound familiar?

Imagine walking in to your family's gathering for Thanksgiving with no stress about food. Imagine being able to feel relaxed and enjoy your time with loved ones without the need to have anxiety over what you can and cannot have. Ready?

Good, let's make a PLAN!

Help is here! The key is to indulge wisely with these top 10 tips:

  • 3. DON'T LEAVE HOME WITHOUT IT (SNACK): The holiday season is filled with temptation and it’s almost impossible to turn things down. Pack some almonds or a cheese stick when you leave the house to run holiday errands or shop for food or gifts. *MY FAVORITE go-to:

  • 5. COOK SMARTER: Substitutions can make a big difference in calories. Bananas or applesauce make great stand-ins for oil, butter or margarine. Fat-free or low-fat yogurt can be used in place of sour cream and mayonnaise in dips and sauces. Looking for recipes ideas? Go here and find lots of ideas for Fall & Thanksgiving.


  • 6. BE THE LAST IN LINE: The buffet and appetizer table look a lot less appealing once they’ve been picked over by hungry party guests and keeps people from staring at your containers. (Remember you want kid size compartments of 4 oz. and 2 oz. as close are you can get. Trust me I have tried them all over my 16 years.) * MY FAVORITE Portion containers:

  • 8. PUSH AWAY FROM FOOD PUSHERS: We all know them. The well-meaning mom or friend who pushes food on you. It usually starts with “You have to try the cake/potatoes/pasta.” White lies are OK here! Just tell them “I did and it was delicious!” Then change the subject. “Did you hear about that new movie/TV show/book?”


  • 9. STAY HYDRATED: Caffeinated coffee, tea, and alcoholic drinks are all diuretics, meaning they cause our bodies to excrete water. Be sure to drink hydrating beverages throughout the day such as water, unsweetened decaf tea or sparkling water. *MY FAVORITE FANCY Water is Hint and Bai.

BONUS: Don't forget your lunch food bag with your containers and plates so the only thing anyone will be talking about is your Organization, Commitment and Style!! 25 colors to choose from!

(Remember the bag doesn't have to be massive as you are eating smaller portions. Lunch boxes have come a long way! They don't look like you are going to work as a construction site worker :)

Are there any additional helpful tips you may have or did you try any of the above❓ Let us know and comment below! GO HERE if you need recipe ideas :)

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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