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Hospital Bag Checklist: What to pack in your bag for Bariatric Weight loss Surgery

Let's find out what you'll need after Weight loss Surgery and what to leave at home.

Chances are, you’ve spent the past several months preparing for your surgery with lots of doctors appointments. You’ve stocked up products, researched protein and maybe even figured out how to correctly use your food scale.

But don’t forget one of the most important to-dos: Deciding what to pack in your hospital bag....

So where to start? You don’t want to leave out any essentials, but there’s also no reason to overdo things. This is when 'The Bariatric Body Hospital Bag Checklist' comes in handy. Read below and download the Checklist.

1. Portable Power Bank for when your having problems finding outlets. (this best-selling one means business)

2. One pair of warm, nonskid socks for walking the halls post surgery

3. A warm robe or sweater in case it’s freezing in hospital.

4. Lip balm (hospitals are very dry); we’ve had great luck with this natural beeswax balm from Burt’s Bees

5. Sugar-free hard candy, lozenges or mouth spray to keep your mouth moist (we like these dry-mouth drops for their minty-fresh scent

6. Travel Kit & Dry Shampoo (remember, travel-sized products are your friends; here’s a smart travel kit with most of the hospital bag essentials)

7. Loose, lightweight clothing, sleepwear and comfortable going-home clothes.

8. A comfy small pillow to provide support on your side for your abdominals and car ride home.

9. Earbuds to listen to music on your phone

10. Ear Plugs to drown out hospital noise

11. Battery operated fan for hospital noise and air circulation if hot

12. Eye Mask to block out the light for sleeping

13. Small pack of Moist Travel Wipes - Easy cleaning body wipes that are refreshing.

14. Perfect size Tote bag to fit everything in and it's reversible to be flipped into two different colors!

🎉 The BEST part about this Weight Loss Surgery Checklist is that you can use ALL the products at home later. It's not a one time your done deal. All items are handy and useful after your procedure.

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