5 Best Brands of Bariatric Vitamins Post Weight loss Surgery

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

Ever asked yourself why do I need Vitamins if I eat well? Are you entering the Bariatric vitamin life dilemma?

Even if you have balanced meals snacks every day after bariatric weight loss surgery, you’re still 'almost' guaranteed to develop vitamin and mineral deficiencies if you’re not taking daily vitamins.

It’s not IF you will develop micronutrient deficiencies, it’s typically a matter of WHEN. (In the beginning, my blood work was always spot on! However, after the first year some things popped up and needed addressing.)

Are you searching for the best vitamins after bariatric weight loss surgery? After surgery you will need to buy vitamin products from a list that you probably have never taken before. I get it! Me too! I listed my favorite chewable and affordable supplements for anyone who had bariatric surgery. I tried and sampled several products and I feel these are best. My go to Vitamin is…. #bariatricvitamin #vsgvitamins #gastricsleeve #VSG #bariatric #supplements
5 Best Tasting Bariatric Vitamins after Weight loss Surgery

There are two main reasons why we are at risk for developing vitamin and mineral deficiencies: