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Why I Take PROBIOTICS after Weight loss Surgery...

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

A Guide for Bariatrics on use of Probiotics.

After weight loss surgery, the balance between “good” and “bad” bacteria may become altered. This is due to the disruption of your GI tract, as well as the use of antibiotics after surgery to help prevent infection. While antibiotics can help keep harmful bacteria at bay, they can also wipe out the good bacteria in your body.

In a study from Stanford University School of Medicine, researchers found that those patients who took a probiotic after Gastric Bypass to lose more weight than those that did not take a probiotic supplement.

This study showed that at three months post-op, the probiotics group had a 47.6 percent weight loss, while the control group had a 38.5 percent weight loss.

This study also found that the group taking probiotics had a higher level of vitamin B12 than those in the control group (not taking a probiotic). This is significant because post-gastric bypass patients typically have low levels of vitamin B12.

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A Guide for Probiotics after Weight loss Surgery

What are Probiotics?