Best Selling Weight loss Surgery Memoir every patient should read

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

Are you living with or starting a Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery procedure?

Have you been searching for transformations, before and afters, and products?

Are you yearning for someone else’s success story with gastric sleeve?

Looking for help on preparing, tips, recovering and life after surgery?

Whether you are just researching or recovering, the memoir book Bariatric Body is for you!

I learned through my second weight loss surgery and 16 years of experience what it takes to be successful plowing through doubt, negativity, judgments, and world blindness to obesity as a disease.

In Bariatric Body I will share with you:

  • Surviving month to month successes and failures for a full year (12 Months).

  • Discovering the foundational truths on her journey of self-discovery.

  • Living free from needing other people's approval.

  • Facing life's challenges with greater confidence and ease.

  • Caring far less about what other people think of you.

  • An exercise that doesn’t hurt you and her proven food and snack hacks

  • Mindset living that works with motivation

  • Recovering like a champ



I am a bariatric patient of two weight-loss surgeries including Lapland and Gastric Sleeve. I lost 100 pounds twice with each procedure. I enjoy yoga, rowing, and I am obsessed with natural products and specialty food stores. I run a support group in FortWorth, Texas and I am a food nutrient addict. I live with my supportive husband Brian and my fur baby Sunny. Coffee and coconut milk are a staple for me. 

Let's get through this together! Order now and email me with questions!





I'm here to share my Weight loss Surgery Experience in hopes to inspire you.  


I provide teaching & learning throughout your journey. 

I'm sharing Success from 14 years of experience with my Revision Surgery to Gastric Sleeve. 

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