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Five surprising reasons why a gratitude journal is beneficial as a bariatric patient

Writing in a Gratitude Journal is an important step for bariatric surgery patients to take as part of their weight loss journey. Gratitude journals help us focus on the positive aspects in our lives and can be very beneficial in helping us stay motivated and on track with our goals.

Let’s discuss why it's important for bariatric patients to write in gratitude journals, how to get started (Including my free 30-day gratitude prompts), and some steps they can take to make it a meaningful experience.

I recently watched an episode on My 600 lb. Life, in which Dr. Matthew Paradise said expressing gratitude makes our brain feel better. He's right! It's the best thing I've been putting into my routine in years.

The Benefits of Gratitude Journals for Patients

Gratitude journals help patients focus on the positive things in their lives. One important aspect of weight loss is learning to appreciate what makes you happy and positive. Gratitude Journals allow patients to write about their strengths, self-worth, and talents that they don't always take time to appreciate. This in turn can help us to prioritize and focus on the positive aspects of their lives. One important aspect of weight loss is learning to appreciate what makes you happy and positive.

Gratitude Journals Help with Mood Management

There are many feelings that bariatric surgery patients may experience in the weeks following weight loss surgery such as sadness, anger, and frustration. These emotions are normal following a major life change such as weight loss surgery, but journaling can help us manage these emotions.

Gratitude Journals Help Patients with Feelings of Inferiority

Many bariatric surgery patients struggle with feelings of inferiority and lack self-worth. This can spiral into negative thoughts about themselves, which can lead to other mental health complications such as depression. Gratitude Journals are an excellent way to help patients focus more on the positive aspects of their lives, which can lead to a happier, more fulfilling life.

Gratitude Journals Help Patients to Better Communicate

As part of the recovery process, many people find that journaling helps them to come up with an authentic portrayal of how they feel. They are able to explain their story in a unique way that is most comfortable for them. This enables them to be able to express their emotions and also have a better understanding of what they are feeling so they can better cope with it.

Gratitude Journals Helps Patients Regain Their Self-Esteem

There is research evidence that writing about gratitude for the good in their life can help people regain their self-esteem. This is especially true for those who are struggling with depression and anxiety. A simple daily journaling exercise that focuses on three things the person is grateful for can help them regain a sense of purpose, worthiness, and happiness in their life.

So let’s get started today!

  1. Go HERE to purchase a Gratitude Journal and to get my 31-day Gratitude prompts that I created just for you! Use code: BODY25 for 25% off (The Bariatric prompts guide is listed under the ‘free’ section.)

*Watch how to use the Gratitude Journal with the 31-Day bariatric prompts below:





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