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10 Proven Constipation Solutions after Weight Loss Surgery

Poop. Everybody does it, but what happens when your body sometimes doesn’t? Constipation is something that everyone has gone through at some time in their life.

Having a bariatric procedure, such as gastric band, gastric sleeve or gastric bypass, puts you at an increased risk of constipation, but there’s no reason to suffer.

The longer you wait, the harder (literally) it becomes to treat. So if you are reading this treat it now! If I had to do it over again I would have started taking something right away in my fluids. I am already someone who has constipation and after surgery, it got worse.

The topic comes up often in bariatric facebook groups at least 3 times a week. For me already having constipation, then adding more with anesthesia, then a drastic decrease in fluids and foods in addition to reduced fiber led to hell of an ordeal.

More often than not you will need to combine a few items for the most effective. The most common forms of over the counter go to's are listed below with the top two being my favorite.

You can get this in peppermint or Chamomile. My go-to is peppermint. It is magic for your butt! Take it at night before bed.

Saline Enema

The thought of doing an enema used to make me cringe, but when nothing else works you will do anything. This will work trust me!

Miralax works for some and for others it doesn't. Also, you may have to take a mega dose as it can be a slow moving. Very gentle and mild.

If you go to my post about probiotics, I talk about why this is my favorite brand. My gut has thanked me and I have no more bloating!

The Cherry flavor tastes better than the plain flavor

This is really gentle. There is no unpleasantness or pain. Just makes you feel like your normal self. I would take it in the morning and evening.

This works, be prepared and stay close to the restroom.

I like this brand best because it has no artificial sweeteners.

We cannot forget the Squatty Potty!! Seriously, this is a life changer. If you've never read about it, now is the time!

And last but not least, if you want food or drink option - the most recommended is Pumpkin Puree and Prune Juice.

Takeaway: Don't put this off or you will regret it!! It can be super painful - yet avoidable. Try a combination of the above early!

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