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What happened when I used Fascia Blaster after Bariatric Weight loss Surgery. My Unexpected results.

I came across the Fascia Blaster six months after Bariatric surgery and was a huge skeptic. As I dug deeper into what the fascia was, and the research behind it, I decided to give it a try. Who doesn't want to get rid of dimples and dents in their skin and have pain relief?? I did my whole body - but I didn't use it on my stomach for a whole year.

Fascia is a layer of connective tissue under the skin that is mostly made of collagen. Fascia can also be referred to as scar tissue, fibrosis, myofascial tissue, connective tissue and fibrotic tendons.

Are you wanting to use the Fascia Blaster after Bariatric Weight loss Surgery? Do you want to use the Fascia Blaster for your skin after your procedure? I use many Fascia Blasters and have since 6 months after surgery. I did not use them on my Stomach for a year. I wanted to see results for pain, dents, dimples and saggy skin. My results are… #fashiablaster #gastricsleeve #vsg #skin #bariatrics #selfcare
How to use Fascia Blaster after Weight loss Surgery

The Fascia Blaster is basically a plastic stick that you rub up and down your body that is supposed to massage the fascia. It can help with muscle pain, but the process hurts and can leave bruises. The idea of bruising did not excite me.

I got the Ashley Black eBook, The Cellulite Myth: It’s Not Fat, It’s Fascia, and joined her Facebook group where I watched tons of body-blasting videos for the whole body or

targeted areas.

I was super intrigued especially because I know loose or saggy skin can come with weight loss. I first started off with the larger fascia blaster.

My blaster arrived, and boy oh boy, what an adventure it was! I lasted a total of seven minutes before I was completely worn out and wondering how the hell I was going to finish. But I didn’t give up, and I worked my way up to thirty to forty minutes for three days a week.

You need to heat up your fascia prior to blasting. Epson salts and a sauna suit worked best for me.

I was thoroughly exhausted after each time because it was such a process. I decided to wear my calorie counter and burned 275 calories. No wonder I was exhausted! After a month I bought the smallest blaster called the face blaster. I use this little thing all the time for prepping my entire body not just my face.

I use coconut oil on my body instead of Ashley Black's products. I tried the spray, but it can get messy and all over the place. I love NOW Liquid Coconut brand.

I had the normal bruising for the first few weeks and then it went away. I continued to blast and started to see major results after only a few months.

My body was really smoothing out, my bowels improved, my knee pain was gone, and my neck pain was much more tolerable.

It is MAJOR self-care and I feel really good afterward. Unexpectedly, my skin is always glowing and I always feel refreshed and renewed. I will always have this as part of my routine.

While blasting, I like to watch and follow along with Julie Chelberg. Her Videos make blasting much easier with learning and following a routine.

Biggest takeaway: This is a huge step in the right direction for fascia in the body including pain relief and lots of self-care. If you are new to this product, I would start off with the Starter Kit as it includes everything. Happy Blasting!!

A major SKEPTIC turned to life USER!

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Hi Carrie, I'm a couple weeks away from bariatric surgery and im wondering if you had any benefit from fascia blasting in terms of loose skin getting tighter?

I intend to start blasting now and take a break post surgery so that I don't tear anything. Once I'm cleared for normal activity (I think that's 6 weeks) I intend to blast consistently. Please let me know what you've experienced regarding your loose skin. Thanks for writing this.

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Carrie Brander
Carrie Brander
16 mar 2021
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Hi! Yes, my skin got tighter in my arms and legs with consistent use. I did NOT blast my stomach until about 8-9 months post surgery. But I did everywhere else. Hope this helps. Make sure you check with your doctor as well.

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