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9 Bariatric Protein Bar options that are low carb and don't taste like chalk

I have a love-hate relationship with Protein Bars. We all have those times when we can't cook EVERY meal. We are super busy and need a quick quality protein bar meeting our requirements.

I am that person who buys 1 of 5 different bars at once to try first before buying the box. I have sampled several different brands and the below bars are on the top of my list for flavor, ingredients, and availability.

Are you searching for the best protein bars after bariatric weight loss surgery? After surgery you will need to have some bars on hand especially for when you are in a hurry or you may miss a meal. I listed my favorite low carb protein bars and meal replacements for anyone who had bariatric surgery. I searched high and low and taste tested lots of bars. My go to bar is…. #proteinbar #lowcarbbar #gastricsleeve #VSG #bariatric
9 Best Bariatric Protein Bars

I hope that if you are reading this, I can help narrow down some choices for you as it can be daunting to read all the ingredients in the store and comb through about 100 protein bars available. These bars are a meal for bariatric patients so if wondering about the cost per bar, think about it replacing an entire meal and it makes sense.

When reading the ingredient label pay special attention to the total carbs. To calculate the net carbs, subtract the dietary fiber and sugar alcohols from Total Carbs. Please see this sample image from a bulletproof bar: Please note: each flavor for a brand may have different carbs

Tastes good, easy to find, gluten-free, protein source is whey, and microwavable. Sample Nutrition Facts Per bar: 180 cals, <1g sugar, 20g protein, Net carbs (4)

The texture is not tough, but not too soft. No weird chalky taste and the bar is more moist than it is dry. Sample Nutrition Facts Per bar: 130 cals, 4g carbs, 4g sugar, 17g protein

Great taste and consistency. Keeps you feeling full!

Sample Nutrition Facts bar: 220cal, 7g net carbs, 1g sugar, 20g protein

The perfect snack for the mid afternoon lull at work to keep you going between lunch and dinner. Sample Nutrition Facts bar: 200 cals, 5g sugar, 20 g protein, Net carbs (7)

Patented whey protein blend, crunch and flaky texture taste just like dessert! Sample Nutrition Facts bar: 220 cal, 10g net carbs, 5g sugar, 14 g protein,

Dairy Free, High in protein and low in sugar.

Sample Nutrition Facts : 200 cals, 5 net carbs, 1 g sugar, 20 g protein

Luscious peanut butter and gooey fudge

Sample Nutrition Facts: Cals 150 calories, 1.7 net carbs, 1g sugar, 5g sugar, 10g protein

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