5 Bariatric - Food Containers that are portion sized for after Weight loss Surgery.

Updated: Mar 14, 2020

You will eventually start on solid food in your journey and it helps so much to have food containers and plates just for you. It is a tremendous help when portioning out your meals visually. (I lied, I couldn't just mention only 5 containers so I added more!)

I recommend at least 2 of the recommended tupperware, dinnerware and food containers in advance so you can start planning. These were a kitchen necessity for me and everyone knows the 'pink' stuff is mine! These are definitely some great tools and gadgets for anyone who has had Weight loss Surgery.

Are you looking for products that can help you with your food storage, planning and tupperware containers? It is so helpful to visually see what you are eating and how much you eating at a glance. These kitchen necessities include tools to help you succeed such as dinnerware, food containers, utensils, silverware, portion sizes and gadgets! Don’t struggle using the regular plates and containers! Think kids sizes for all your portions and tools!
5 Best Bariatric Food Storage Containers


Generally, bento boxes have a balance of dishes, most often including rice, meat or fish, and pickled vegetables. In our case with Bariatrics you will have mainly a balance of protein and veggies. Preparing bento boxes for is usually considered an act of love in Japan, so lets love ourselves with this trendy portion controlled box!


The company was founded by Florida's first female bariatric surgeon, Tiffany Jessee, DO. The company's goal is to develop products that help people live healthier lives and achieve greater success with their weight loss goals.


These containers are portioned out and have perfect labeling in measurements on the outside of each container. They are small portion sized to help aide you in preparing how much you need for each container while not overeating.

Simplehouse 6-Pack:

These are great for when you want your meals all together in one container. These are nice and thick along with good wear and tear qualities.

Seleware food Storage:

This storage container has 2 and 4 Ounces and it's stackable.

I have learned over 16 plus years of living life after surgeries that I need to keep things fun, visual and organized! This Was a perfect item for me!

Natural Glass Meal Prep Containers:

If you want glass containers, these are amazing! I loved how the glass looks with my food prepped. I have dropped these several times and they did not break.

Don't forget your small measured mini 'containers' and 'Ziploc' bags.

Mini Containers:

The key here is to focus on measurements of 4 ounces and 1/4 measurements which we use ALOT! These are a staple for me and make prepping and storage simple!


4 ounce containers are great because they are quick, easy, and most importantly have cup measurements along the side. They have round and square.

Ziplock Twist n Loc

4 ounce container and lids with leakproof seal and fresh shield. Mini (1/2 cup)

Rubbermaind Easy Find Lids:

4 ounces, 1/2 cup. Rubberized seal and sturdy base.

Portion Control Zip Seal Plastic Bags Value Pack

These bags are genius with measurements located on the bag for you so no pre-measuring needed.

Nothing brings people together like good food and conversation about your meal prep madness! As for me and my house we will serve you leftovers in the blue containers!
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