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Best Protein Waters for Bariatric Surgery Patients

Protein infused waters are another form of excellent high-protein alternative to whey protein shakes. They don’t need to be shaken or prepared, they taste delicious, and are easy to consume. Don't get this confused with protein shakes because that is something different.

During and immediately weight loss surgery we are required to drink clear fluids. This can be tricky as people think protein shakes and waters are the same. I tried searching for comparisons online but couldn't find any so I bought several brands and wanted to share my results. When choosing protein water for bariatrics, pay special attention to calories, protein, sugar, carbs and no sparkling or FIZZ.

They are great solutions for when you tired of bland shakes and need to change things up. At some point later down the road you can mix it with vodka for a guilt free cocktail!

Protein2o Water:


60 cals

15 grams whey protein

0 grams of sugar

1 gram of carb

My Review: Better than a smoothie, can drink daily, and no 'heavy' feeling.

ON Protein Water


80 Cals

20 Whey Protein

0 Sugar

1 Carb

My Review: Very Hydrating, Freezes good, No chalky or shake taste.

Premier Protein Clear Protein Drink:


90 Cals

20 Whey Protein

0 Sugar

1 Carb

My Review: I like the NO aspartame, mixes easily in vodka and mixes well with water.

ISOPURE Protein Water


160 Cals

40 Whey Protein

0 Sugar

0 Carb

My Review: The protein is very high hence the price point. I used Isopure immediately following my surgery and it was great. The only downfall is the glass bottles are heavy.

Dymatize Iso100 Clear Protein Drink


110 Cals

25 Whey Protein

0 Sugar

0 Carb

My review: A great protein drink if you’re not wanting a bunch of additives. Also, I did not have an aftertaste feeling.

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