30 Christmas Holiday Gifts for Bariatric Weight loss Surgery Patients

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

30 Amazing gifts to Consider For a Weight loss Surgery Gift. Hate giving and receiving boring - useless gifts? No Boring Gifts Here! These are the Gems that we secretly want! I'll share 30 Worth-It presents for a patient or even yourself!

I often get asked what would be the best gift and present for someone who just had bariatric surgery? I can honestly say that I never wanted any protein packets or Bariatric supplements for Christmas.

My recommendations are things that I truly feel people would enjoy. We’ve all heard it’s the thought that counts. But it’s also the intention behind the thought. The greatest offering is letting someone know through your actions and your words that they matter.

Are you looking for the perfect Christmas Gift and Present for someone who had Bariatric Weight loss Surgery? Trying to find gifts that will be useful as a care package or gift baskets? These 30 gifts will have her knowing you really care and put so much thought in your giving! These are my top 30 Christmas gifts for her that are all under $50. #bariatricgift #weightlosssurgerygift #bariatricgiftideas #giftbasket #Christmas #Holidays
30 Christmas Gifts for Weight loss Surgery Patients

I created a Guide of hand-picked items that would be meaningful and most appreciated for a Bariatric Patient. For me, the gift is a symbol of a feeling. Imagine the person receiving your gift feeling JOY while easing the anxiety of their procedure. Sometimes it's the smallest gestures that have the greatest impact.

In the beginning, there is some downtime where we can't eat or do anything. I created categories titled Cozy Things, Beauty, Kitchen, & Inspirational.


(Imagine being uncomfortable for anywhere from 1-4 weeks, think socks with grips on bottom, clothes that are loose and comfy so not to rub on stitches, keeping warm because of loss of insulation and energy)

1. Pudus Socks

Why: Good Grip Socks after Surgery.

2. Ekouaer Loungewear

Why: Comfy and not tight against stitches

3. Kimono Robe

Why: Feels amazing against skin

4. Fleece Throw Blanket

Why: Super Comfy and soft throw

5. Fleece Heated Throw Blanket

Why: It's Soft, warm and heated!


(Imagine being in bed with dry bothersome skin, think things she could use while resting for recovery like Hand Cream, body lotion, lip balm and self-care items)

6. Body Shop Mango Gift Box

Why: Skin is so Dry Post-op

7. Burt's Bees Lip Balm Set

Why: Chapped Lips after surgery


(Imagine things the patient will now need for portion control and new gadgets. Think sugar-free, cups, cooking, and food storage)

8. Torani Sugar Free Syrups

Why: Can use in homemade coffee

9. Hydra Shaker Cup 6-Pack

Why: Everyone needs for shakes and measuring

10. Coffee Mug Warmer

Why: Our drinks will sit forever as we sip and get cold.

11. Seleware food Storage

Why: It has 4 different size jars from 5 OZ, 6 OZ, 9 OZ to 11 0Z, total 31 OZ. It's perfect!!

13. Nicewell Food Scale

Why: We are required to weigh our food

14. Life Tumbler Chillout

Why: The are insulated, have silicone bottoms & Lid

15. Copper Egg Cooker

Why: We eat and cook lots of eggs for protein and this is fast and easy!

16. Mini Drink Mixer Blender

Why: This mixes our protein and warm drinks

17. LivLiga Aveq 2-Piece Just Right Bariatric Set

Why: It helps visually with portion control by having Measurements built into the dish ware in increments of ¼ cup and ½ cup servings. Genius!!

18. LunchBots Medium Snack container

Why: It helps visually with portion control and has 2 and 4 oz.

19. Keurig Decaf Coffee Cups

Why: We can only drink decaf post-op