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Top Cozy Items Post-Bariatric Surgery that will provide you comfort during Recovery.

Updated: 7 hours ago

I often get asked what are the be the best items for myself or significant others after weight-loss surgery? I can honestly say that I didn’t want to get any protein packets or Bariatric supplements from anyone.

My recommendations are things that I truly feel people would enjoy. These are all hand-picked items because I put a lot of thought into what would be most meaningful, beneficial and useful.

Cozy Comforting Products after Bariatric Surgery

**Think about being comfortable for anywhere from 1-4 weeks, socks with grips on bottom, clothes that are loose and comfy so not to rub on stitches, keeping warm because of loss of insulation and energy

1. Pudus Socks

Why: Good Grip Socks after Surgery.