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The Ultimate Halloween Bariatric Survival Guide

Halloween presents a scary scenario for anybody on a weight loss program because everywhere you’ll look the next few months, you’ll see candy and treats. And even when the candles in the jack-o-lanterns finally flicker out, the candy may still be around.

What’s a Bariatric patient to do? Follow The Bariatric Halloween Survival Guide. Each of the tips outlined below is designed to help you enjoy the holiday without going overboard with temptation.

1. Wait until October 31 to buy your candy.

That way, you won’t hear voices calling from the kitchen cabinets saying, “Come on, just one more Reese’s bar won’t kill you!” Worried about not being able to find candy at such a late date? Seriously, have you been to a store lately? Everybody sells Halloween candy now. If for some reason you can’t find sweets, see point 2 below.

2. Don’t give out candy.

We’ve found that the trick-or-treaters in our neighborhood love getting things besides candy: Try handing out pretzels, pencils, coins, water bottles or even toothbrushes. You’ll be amazed at the reception they get! Remember this isn't just for kids as many of my office colleagues love these gadgets! We are all kids at heart and it helps to bring things in the office to break up all the seriousness sometimes :)

3. Buy candy you don’t like.

It’s human nature to buy the kind of candy you’d like to eat. So if you love chocolate, get lollipops. Are you crazy for chewy or sour things but don’t care about chocolate? Then consider buying chocolate bars.

4. Get Gadgets to make your candy and treats.

Look, I know I don’t like being the outsider who doesn’t participate so I simply make my own candy with these tools! If you know me, you know I like everything pumpkin and couldn't resist not putting one of my favorites here! (Just remember to use good milk and sugar substitutes along with making only low carb food swap in recipes where needed.) VIDEO EXAMPLE

5. Send some candy to the troops.

Your kids will probably have so much candy that they won’t even want to eat it all. So consider sending some it as a care package to American troops. Operation Gratitude collects candy to use to prepare gifts for soldiers and sailors.

6. Sell it to your dentist.

Many dentists now “buy” back candy by offering prizes or reduced fees on services to people who hand over their treats. Consider saving a small portion of the haul, then giving your dentist the rest.

7. Make treats for your work, friends or kids Halloween party.

Here are 50 Amazing Healthy Recipe Ideas! (Just remember to use good milk and sugar substitutes along with making only low carb food swaps in the recipes.)

8. Treat yourself.

Look, kids can’t have all the fun, and part of any successful weight loss program is balance. If you’re following a plan make sure you add something in you would consider a healthy snack or treat. Here are some cool ideas for healthy treat eats! (Just remember to use good milk and sugar substitutes along with making only low carb food swaps in the recipes.)

9. Bring your homemade items

Make your treat yourself so you can have some of it without feeling guilty. Find more quick & easy recipes here! (Just remember to use good milk and sugar substitutes along with making only low carb food swaps in the recipes.) ://

10. Think about drink ideas as well.

Everyone at a party needs a drink also so if you don’t want to bring a treat, make some great healthy drinks for everyone! (Remember carbs are in drinks so make sure you check carbs and also swap with plant sugars instead of regular sugar)

BONUS: Watch this amazing VIDEO with several creative ideas that can be used for alcohol or alcohol-free drinks!

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