A Glimpse Into "The Hair Mama Trunk Show"

Updated: Mar 14, 2020

Imagine back to when you played dress up with your Barbie dolls and your girlfriends. Then you are thrown into a secret protected hidden room where there are racks upon racks of beautiful flowing curly, wavy, and straight hair.

Hair from the likes right out of Kim Kardashian's closet, Lord of the Rings actresses' heads, and even Jane from next door. You see many styles, lengths, and colors that you want to latch on to while no one is looking and put them all on at once! The excitement in the room just jumps up like TEN levels. This explains what it felt like at the very first "Hair Mama's Trunk Show" this weekend in Dallas, Texas....and it was on fire! 🔥

As you are looking around the room you see beautiful hair, pink signature Hair Mama colors, lights, mirrors, mannequins, and happy women.

The smell from the heat of curling irons and clean washed, styled hair. There are feelings of excitement, happiness, anxiousness, welcoming joy and courage, all wrapped in one!

We're in a fabulous time when anyone can wear hair. It doesn't matter what age, what color, or how little or how much hair you have. The benefits of any hair helper are confidence, self-esteem, and so so so much more! A wig or a hair piece is now an accessory.

Everyone is eager to FEEL the hair and run it through their fingers. We wanted to learn about caps, clips, tape, accessories, and hair care. But most importantly, try on all of Tanhee's prized hair that is hanging behind us, calling our names as we wait patiently, trying to not jump out of our skin.

The Hair Mama's story is one of such strength, especially in times when life hands us the most impossible and hardest trials we will ever have to endure. Through her struggle, she continued to feel her soul call her to do hair and HELP other women. God gave her an incredible, unbelievable talent to share with the world, and it showed humbly on this night.

Tahnee Brown Condra AKA (The Hair Mama) thinks she's a 'Hot Mess,' but she's beautiful inside and out. Her honesty, integrity, and realness are what attract other women. Her natural ability to sooth hurt and pain with hair inspires compassion and love. She embraces her gifts and allows them to shine through her.

As the night progressed, I moved to:

  • MY FIRST STATION with Tahnee, The Hair Mama, where we learned all about hair types, caps, wigs, toppers, and extensions.

  • MY SECOND STATION was with Lisa Ciaravino, where we learned about the Lace FX A Curve Tape, using tape, and removing the tape. This is a life changer for sure, no doubt about it! Lisa is able to positively touch lives while using her talent of nuture, support, friendship, aid and compassion. (I also like Walker tape)

  • MY THIRD STATION was with Kimmy Blonde Juji, where we learned about hair care. She shares everything from washing, drying, styling, curling, products, and so much more. Kimmy was giving so many great tips that you were writing it down with your messy handwriting real fast!

  • MY FAV TIP: (Wash 8 minutes & Condition 8 mins as well, yes she said 8 minutes. You read it right! If you saw her hair in person you will do it!) Start First by wetting hair, use shampoo, and rinse 6 to 8 minutes. Then add Bamboo Silicon Conditioner or your preferred choice, and rinse 6 to 8 minutes. She washes hair on mannequin with a Chin Grip as soaking can leave residue on hair if in a basin or sink.

  • PRODUCTS: I have been wanting & needing to buy anyways..... after learning from her I bought a Mannequin stand, Mannequin, and quality Shampoo & Conditioner. (Trust me you don't want my make shift getup that fell down ALL the time, the styrofoam head split in half and my dog ran around house with the rest!)

The next unique story from Sarah Elizebeth was one so many could relate. It was intriguing to learn about how extremely active she is and works as a teacher. She does a lot of hiking, sports, and swimming in her wigs. I saw her before the show putting on hair that you wouldn't even know wasn't hers! If you were once worried about your hair falling off while doing anything, you will be put at ease and have no fears after hearing her inspiring story.

Medical Wigs tug at my heart, and I'm so glad to hear Tahnee is starting a Beta program. Women with hair loss can be anyone who has Cancer, Thyroid problems, Lupus, PCOS, Trichomania, Bariatric Surgery (ME), and PTSD female Veterans, to name a few.

I will always stand behind women who put all their heart and soul into their work, and I hope you do too. Some woman walked away so inspired to conquer the world in new pieces. Hair Helper can give you the confidence to resume life and renew your self-confidence. Life is too short of putting it off any longer. Break through the fear and anxiety!

I always find it inspiring to see others who are willing to stand for a Cause. A Cause where WE have been there, and WE know what it feels like. We speak from our TRUTH, not 'just' trying to sell something.


It may seem so hard at first just to put yourself out there, but if you just jump in like a kid learning how to ride a bike you will never look back until you find 'her', (your piece or pieces). Oh and your husband or boyfriend will get used to your hair and mannequin heads like anything else! Now get yourself to the next Hair Mama Show and try on ALL the HAIR!

The Hair Mama 'Tahnee' is the real deal, and you won't be disappointed working with her. Contact Lisa with ordering questions at orders@thehairmama.com

Let the Healthy Hair Addiction Begin! Below is an example of how easy it is!!

LEFT Side my Bio Hair. RIGHT side Hidden Crown Hair. I wanted to show that you don't to have the same length or even close to it. I change my color and lengths all the time! Now I need to choose my Hair Mama!!

So Who's coming with me to the next show? Let's Boost your confidence! Break through fear & anxiety, and have no regrets!!

Help me choose my piece from The Hair Mama! Number 1 on the left or Number 2 on the right? Comment below if you were at the show, attending soon or just want to say Hey!

Want More? Go to the The Hair Mama's private and supportive Hair Loss Sisters Facebook Group to be the Silent watcher or Active poster here.

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