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Pumpkin Protein Powder for the Thanksgiving Holiday Season!

You don't have skip Pumpkin Pie for Thanksgiving after having Weight loss Surgery. These Protein Powders give you a fix for those cravings! I feel that it's okay to spurge on a Holiday protein because I will not be using it all year round and it meets my requirements. So Treat Yourself!

Pay special attention to the product carbs, protein and sugar quantity when choosing protein source
Bariatric pumpkin protein powder that can be used in pies, pancakes, bread and fluff. You don’t have to skip the pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving Holiday when these protein shakes can supplement your pumpkin pie cravings! #bariatric #gastricsleeve #wls #pumpkin
3 Best Pumpkin Protein Powder for Bariatric Patients

1. Orgain-Pumpkin Spice - provides a real milkshake taste of pumpkin pie! Great to use during the Holidays to get your pumpkin cravings!

2. FIT CRUNCH PUMPKIN POWDER - Protein and pumpkin pie in one bag! I could drink this all year, or even make puddings and baked goods all the time with it! Getcha pumpkin head on!

3. Sprout Living - I'm Adding Sprout Living to the mix because it is made of pumpkin protein. It is easy to digest and is smooth and velvety. This provides a non-Isolate, whole protein option that provides a fresh and pure pumpkin 'seed' flavor.

Oh and I'm not above drinking Pumpkin Flavored Vodka! A day without pumpkin is like...Just kidding I have no idea. #pumpkineverything

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