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10 Reasons Why ICON Meals are Best for Bariatric Weight loss Surgery Patients

A few of the many things I always hear when I work with Bariatric patients are, "I don't have the time to make meals", "I'm bored", "I don't know how to cook", "I hate the grocery store", and the list goes on and on.

Are you worried and stressing about weighing and measuring your food? Do you not like to plan out your meals and portions as I teach in my course, Meal Plan Mastery? Then Lean in...This is for You!!!

I have tried about 20 other custom meal prep companies for Bariatric patients! NO JOKE! The main issues being processed crap, ginormous portions, spices, and so much more that were not bariatric friendly.

When I found ICON Meals, I immediately knew I hit the jackpot! NO BRAINER! Especially when I knew I could pick my portion sizes, fresh, custom, delivered to my doorstep.

How about going online, clicking a few times, placing your weekly, biweekly, or monthly order, and have your custom ICON Meals delivered to your doorstep?

(*Follow the VIDEO INSTRUCTIONS HERE for my Recommendations on how to order for Bariatric Patients) You get a $15 Coupon already built into my link only

1) Your delivery package comes packaged in dry ice via FedEx. Open your box, pick your meal, throw it in the microwave for 3-4 minutes, then toss the container. No dishes and no asking your spouse, "what's for dinner ?" and wasting another half hour deciding. 💥

2) No more wasting three-plus hours a week visiting the grocery store buying all the crap you don't need; that's probably just giving you anxiety, guessing, and making poor decisions.

3) My husband and I have two more hours a night together, not cooking, not washing dishes, and preparing for the next night.

4) We can sit and enjoy a television show together for an hour or so before going to bed after a long day of work instead of just crashing or staying up super late and waking up cranky the following day.

5) We feel much better not having that overall heavy gut feeling by having fresh food, not processed crap in our stomachs. 💥

6) We have so much EXTRA time to go out and do more things and enjoy each other now that we have our ICON Meals ready and waiting. 💃

Why ICON Meals is Better than its Competitors for Bariatric Patients :

1) You can customize portions for Bariatric Patients

2) No monthly subscriptions

3) No kits that involve putting anything together and cooking yourself

4) You get to pick your own spices, gravy, or sauces after you cook it in the microwave

Let's wrap this up with some spices and start with one of the below!!


* Please don't waste your money on other food programs out there like I did, ICON Meals is all you need! All done for you!!! You get a $15 Coupon with this link only!


* If you like and want to cook yourself, take The Meal Plan Mastery Course as I teach you everything you need to know and more!





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