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Best Bariatric Gift PRE-Weight loss Surgery

Imagine you are leaving the hospital and have no wheelchair or extra support. You feel like your insides are exposed and sagging to the point where you are wanting some type of security. And out of nowhere a small pillow finds its way in your hands and against your stomach. 

Are you looking for a gift for someone who is having weight loss surgery? This would be a perfect idea that can be given alone or in a gift basket. Best gift for a care package!

Yes, I said a pillow! I mention this story in my book called Bariatric Body. As I left the hospital on the day of my surgery a nurse handed me a pillow. I was so perplexed that I didn’t realize I had walked out of the hospital almost by myself as I waited on my husband to pull the car around. 

I realized in the car on the way home why I needed this pillow! I felt every darn bump in the road as we traveled home and having a pillow to hold and clutch near my gut was a godsend.

I have lots of pillows on my bed but this little gift was small enough and light enough to comfort me by alleviating pain from turning and moving. Because let’s face it my husband says my pain tolerance gets worse with age.  It also provides effective support that eases patient coughing and can facilitate deeper breathing.  Pillows as such are recommended for any abdominal, heart, lung and breast procedures all the time post-procedure.

I choose 3 of my favorite ones for you to choose from!

This was a perfect loving gesture from the lady who volunteered her time to sewing for patients. So please get this as a gift for you or your loved one who is having a procedure, It is the simplest way to say you care and are thinking of them.  You will need something super small and light. Think Travel size or even smaller if you can find it.

She will Thank You later! I promise!

And if you would like to pair it with my book Bariatric Body, it explains my 12-month experience after surgery with lots of tips, resources, and realness.

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