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A no-nonsense protein shake breakdown for Bariatric Patients...

Updated: 8 hours ago

Are you wondering if your Weight loss Surgery Shake is Bariatric Approved? Let's discuss some essential things about your protein shake. Don't have the time or energy to hunt for protein? I got you covered!!

I want to show you and teach you what to look for in a Bariatric Protein Shake and Why it's important.

I am going to keep it super simple in a world full of an abundance of shakes. I counted 42 different brands and 9 various protein sources to choose from in 1 store alone yesterday. Just blows my mind!😱

Your doctor's office product may or may not be best for you. Or they may run out of the product. You need to order something quick and have a backup.

A lot of times, you will become bored with shakes and need to change it up!

What is Best Quality?

The kind of Protein recommended in bariatrics is whey, whey Isolate, Egg, and Soy protein because they have what is called the highest PDCAAS Score. (a system to evaluate protein quality)