8 Full Proof ways the BARIATRIC T-SHIRT CLUB Subscription works for every patient!

Being a patient, I know first hand what it feels like to go through changing wardrobes, varying sizes, finding things that fit perfectly and just overall feeling confident. I always wanted clothes that made me feel good while I was losing weight.

That's why I started the monthly Bariatric T-shirt Club. I want patients to have positive, motivating, and fun t-shirts.

Here are 8 Full Proof ways that our t-shirts will work for any patient pre & post weight loss surgery!

1. You won't have to figure out what to wear every day. I'll show you how to layer the tees and what looks good. There are unlimited options for you to pair your T-shirts for ANY occasion.

2. I'll help you with your confidence with something that fits you and doesn't grab you in all the wrong places.

3. You won't have to wash your clothes every few days because you'll have many t-shirts in your closet that come to you every month.

4. You don't have to go shopping because I'm going to send it right to your door!

5. Your tees will have MEANING. You'll be proud to wear them!

6. You will have a guaranteed sizing from XS-4XL.

7. We have a 'Golden Ticket' winner every month so you may get an unexpected prize with your order!

8. Your subscription gets you 30% off Retail pricing!

What are you waiting for? Carrie has already handpicked every month's t-shirt for you! Subscribe NOW!

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