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5 Key Benefits from Food Sensitivity Testing after Bariatric Surgery

Updated: 9 hours ago

Want to know how doing a simple food test of 96 items changed my life? Do you want to take the guesswork out of what specific food or foods are causing you such anguish after surgery? Ummm Yassssss!!!!!

Stop torturing yourself with the challenging elimination diet, been there done that! Let's explore my experience with my certified lab - physician-reviewed tests.

After surgery, we're introduced to a new way of eating, which entails learning about food more in-depth. How much protein is in this? How many carbs are in that? How much fiber? How many ounces? The list goes on and on...😱

What we don't prepare for is additional discomfort or food sensitivities that arise during the process. For example, I was trying to get my protein shake figured out before surgery.

The first problem I had was the horrible bloating and discomfort with Whey. It took me a few months to figure out that Whey was one of the items bothering me. So I then moved on to Isolated Whey, which I was informed would not bother me, but it did.

I next moved on to Pea protein. I thought that pea protein wasn't bothering me till I got my food sensitivity test results back. 📊

Food Allergy Testing Post Surgery

There were other foods that I 'guessed' were bothering me, and I took them out of my diet and replaced them, not knowing if that was the one upsetting my stomach or not.