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20 Most Popular Ways to Celebrate your Bariatric Weight loss Goal Milestones...

Updated: 9 hours ago

Let's talk about how to completely change celebrating with food to other healthy alternatives that won't derail your progress.

It's crucial as we're losing weight after weight loss surgery that you have non-food ways to celebrate your milestones.

Rewarding your weight loss milestones reinforces your healthy habits and motivates you to continue your healthy lifestyle.

Before Weight Loss Surgery, you more than likely celebrated and rewarded yourself with food. Not anymore! Starting today, we are going to start celebrating and honoring YOU and what your body craves and deserves!

Below is an approved Bariatric Body list of 20 healthy ways to start celebrating now!

1. Reward yourself with a magazine subscription, l love Women's Health!

2. Go and check out my Top 30 favorite Bariatric gift items.