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2 - Insane Simple Beauty treatments that give you fast results after Weight loss Surgery.

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

Want to know how I made my rosacea, freckles, broken capillaries, and wrinkles go away quickly without surgery? Self-care and beauty anytime after your weight loss surgery don't have to be hard.

Let's say you start to notice some freckles, brown spots, rosacea, broken red capillaries, and wrinkles that your make-up won't hide anymore.

Or you have that embarrassing moment or two when a family member -or- friend says oh you have a little something right there, let me wipe it for you, and it's literally part of your face.

Having things such as the SmartXide DOT CO2 Laser and Botox is having the best of both worlds at the same time. Having both services together on the same day worked wonderfully for me.

Walking through the doors of Skin Spa Med in Colleyville, Texas, is a very relaxed, yet professional environment. Everyone at the spa has been Top-Notch even for this previous/picky OSHA inspector.

As you glance around the waiting room, you can't keep your eyes away from the product line called 'RAGS II Riches' like a kid in a candy store.